Get Involved

How to get involved


First question you are going to ask, can I get paid? The answer is: if I have money, and what you do helps me to generate more money, then yes I think we could arrange something. I am interested in paying people for a service. I do not have the ability to accept donations at the moment, maybe one day that will change. So all of the money is out of my own pocket, and its money thats left over after I pay my bills, and take care of my family. All the equipment I have was bought by myself, so no I do not have a lot of money, but I am into, when I do get more money, paying people for their contributions or service.


Second question, when you say help, is that help for free, or is that getting paid for helping? Right now the answer is if I have the money I will pay you based on your contribution, or maybe I can pay you later. You are also welcomed to help for free, but I do believe in rewarding people, if I can not pay you back in money, maybe there is another way to help you out as well.


Third question, I know how to pronounce the names of many of the old-testament places, and people, can I help? Yes I am in need of people who can pronounce those names, especially the old-testament words. I have a few ways you can help. One is you can come to Keller, Tx and we can record you in the studio. Second option is for you to record yourself, and send to to me, in mp3, aiff, wav or some other format. Third is to send you a copy of some music, and you can get the beat, and mix your voice over it, or use it as a guide while talking.


Fourth question, I really like to mix, and master tracks, can I help? I prefer to work inhouse with Logic Studio, if you want to help, its going to be for free at the moment. If you want to learn Logic I can show you what I know, but my studio is nothing to brag about. I do not even have studio monitors, or acoustic foam, its pretty basic.


Fifth question, I write sequences, or compase music - can I contribute? If your sequence are in midi, and you can send them to me, I might be able to use them. You might want to see question six first though. If you have something already put together in Logic, and it needs some work, let me hear a copy, and see if I can work with it. I need music for different kinds of styles, and moods. This project is not about pop music though, its more about being creative and doing something different.


Sixth question, I have the resources and the ability to do this myself, do you have a problem if I copy what you are doing? If you want to copy, what I am doing I have no problem. If you want to be endorsed by me, then we have to talk about it first. If you want to just do your own project, without my endorsement, then I just ask you run by me what verses you are doing, so that you do not duplicate what I am doing, and I do not duplicate what you are doing. I designed the EWF (Electronic Worship Format) to be a foundation for many people to work with, I am expecting other people to use it, and create more content.


Seventh question, I speak a language other than English, can I help? Yes, you can help in one of two ways. All of my tracks are in Logic Studio 8, if you live in the DFW area, you can stop by the studio, and put your voice down on a track. If you want to do your own tracks, and have me endorse them, I can distribute them through my channels. If you want I can produce it, and we can work out the cost structure later.


Eigth question, I have a venue - do you do live performances? I am in the progress of doing that. I first have to get all of the recording sessions moved over from protools to Logic. Thats not all done yet. When I can get that complete, I plan to use mainstage to help with doing live performances. Contact me, about this if you have an idea. I am limited to the DFW area for the time being.


Ninth question, I do live performances, or work with a church, we would like to have you come and join us sometime. If you are in the DFW area I think that could be arranged, but right now I am limited to the DFW area.


Tenth question, I noticed that you have testimonies set to music, can I give you my testimony? Yes I am looking for testimonies, I have a few qualifications though. (1) It must be written down, or at least very well outlined. (2) You must be able to speak it clearly and with focus. (3) If you are not able to speak, you may be able to have someone else do that on your part. (4) I must know your name, but we do not have to publish your name or an albums or even on the track. (5) I need to read your outline, and talk to you beforehand about your testimony. (6) As far as the recording goes, you can submit it online, with a transcript, or you can come to the studio in Keller TX.