About Spoken Hope


SpokenHope has two purposes, (1) is to encourage the fellow believer, and (2) is to spread the message that you are not alone.

The Mission

My intention is to share what God gives me: music, prayers, and experiences with you, in hopes that you will turn your heart back to God, and once again follow His ways. In my every day I slip, and I fall away. It is a constant reminder that I need to have God as Lord of my life.

Outreach Focus

There are three different types of song themes, those are (1) testimonies, (2) reading the bible ,and (3) prayers. Anyone who has a prayer, or testimony is encouraged to send me an email to discuss how it could be apart of this project. I protect the identity and full names of those that contribute, only share if God has led you to do so. Please direct all prayer requests to "prayer at seven4sky dot org".


Saying that you are going to follow God, is a step that requires some sort of action. When you believe in Christ, and you take it to heart, you realize that when you bless others, God will come and bless you. When you give to someone who can not repay you, your debts, and your needs will be met by God. You trust that God will provide for you and with that promise, you can try to outgive God, but God will always win. That giving must come from your heart, and it comes through faith. One of the best ways to give can be through sharing. God led me to share by mixing music with the spoken word. That is where SpokenHope comes from.

Special Thanks

This list will grow over time, This is a special thanks, to those who touched my life, gave me opportunity, opened my mind, inspired me, or helped me, you are all very dear to me. Those listed are in no particular order. God and my family come first, they are not listed here.

Patrick Cowett (powerhouse)
Guy Levert
Mark Baldwin
McClain Smith
Joy Withers
Amber Caretti
Lauren DeWald
Laura Henry
Kristy Stevens
Patrick Pulliam
Nikki Laws
Melissa George
Tara Hall
Lalena Horsey
Kimberly Prough
Silvia Schmidt
Mark Hugh
Matt Croydon
Paula Payne
Ray McCory
Jim Anderson
CJ (Bill's Music)
Sarah Crane
Bill Cowper
Mike Khuong
Greg Schumacher
Geoff Holdridge
Robbie Dean
Matt (EMI)
Bruce Manchey
Jeff Edwards
Janet Cockey
Bill Higgins
Emily Briley
Christina Lilly
Debbie Marx
Beth Marx
Alice Zetina
Bill Cowper
Tom Chapin
Lucienne Pulliam
Jen Fiddes
Becky Gorsky
Peter Conner
Glen DeVage
Adam Kussrow
Clarissa Monks
J.D. Bennett
Francisco Cacho
Deshawn Burton
Amy Thommen
Jane Williams
Karen Hubbs
Justin Coleman

Contact Info

please email sam at spokenhope dot com for additional comments, or questions.